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Chabad Young Professionals International

About your host

We are a worldwide network of communities of young Jewish professionals, post-college and pre-suburb.


We are local communities which provide a holistic environment of dynamic social events, career-focused professional functions, handcrafted educational experiences, and organic spiritual gatherings.


We are 102 plus communities globally, making us the premier Jewish young professional provider in the world.

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         My personal experience at the Encounter was life-changing. Coming from a place where the Shabbat Experience and Jewish Life is not common, made it really special. With all my homestead surroundings, it has been difficult to know that there are places with Kosher restaurants and people who celebrate Shabbat. I have been inspired to keep Kosher. I know it is a challenge in my territory but the Kosher Diet is what I want.


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Benjamin Gelassen

Portland, Maine

        My highlight was the Friday night dinner. When dinner was over it was nice to spend time engaging with people and not our phones. Some of us played board games and got to know fellow participants better. I also liked going to the Ohel the energy there was buzzing with people passionate about the experience it provides. I bought a letter in the Torah which I never did before, it was cool to watch someone write it in front of me. The item I wrote about to the Rebbe was to light Shabbat candles at least once a month so I hope to make it to

service at least once a month to light.



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Sarah Honig

S. Clara, CA

          The CYP Shabbaton in Crown Heights exceeded all of my expectations.  It was inspiring to spend Shabbat with a Jewish community that is so hospitable and has so much passion for Judaism.  The incredible social events and thought-provoking discussions allowed me to connect on both an emotional and intellectual level. By the end of the Shabbaton, the young Jewish professionals from around the world that attended felt like friends I’ve known for a long time.  I’ve left feeling spiritually recharged and with a strong love of God,

our traditions and people.



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Mathew Smith

Kirkland and Ellis, Boston