What we’ll do


10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Exclusive behind the scenes tour of Crown Heights

A taste of everything. Food, art, community, tradition, and culture. 

Explore the food, culture, and tastes of Crown Heights.

Meet the leaders behind the local organizations, small businesses, and global enterprises.

Visit local galleries and studios. Meet the artists, experience their art.

An interactive exploration of the age-old traditions, characters, and texts of Jewish life.

Meet the modern-day experts of ancient practices.


*Tour includes lunch

2:00 pm 

Prepare for Shabbat at the home of your host

3:00 pm 

Opening ceremony at 770 Eastern PKWY

Open door to the Rebbe’s office

Hundreds of thousands flocked to this door seeking guidance, blessing, and comfort. Come hear why and experience the sacred space for yourself.

4:00 pm 

Candle lighting 

5:00 pm 

Shabbat Unplugged 

Wine Bar and pre-Shabbat snacks,

hosted by CYP Brooklyn
+ Greeting the Shabbat 

7:00 pm 

Splendid Shabbat dinner 

At the home of your host

9:30 pm 

Late-night Farbrengen and get together


Saturday - Shabbat

9:00 am - 11:00 am



Meditation & Discussion options

9:00 am

Practicing Law, Practising Faith: How to integrate your Jewish identity into your everyday l

A discussion with Mr. Paul Hamburger

10:00 am 


Option #1 - "To find your soul mate you must be in a soul state" - A discussion with Rabbi Shais Taub

Option #2 - Spirited Shabbat morning prayers at the Friendship circle shul

Option #3 - "Thank you" A Morning Meditation + Heart to Heart. A dialogue on real relationships

11:30 am 

The Intersection of feminism and chassidism

Mrs. Chava Green

Prayer options

10:00 am 

Spirited Shabbat morning prayers at 770


10:30 am 

Spirited Shabbat morning prayers at the Friendship Circle Shul - A minyan for children with special needs.


12:45 pm 

Shabbat lunch 


3:15 pm 

Open door to the Rebbe's house

Step inside the private space of a global figure, the home that the Rebbe shared with his wife Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka.

4:00 pm 

Fireside Chats with our Scholars in Residence

5:40 pm 

Shabbat ends

6:00 pm 

Chill Time 

8:45 pm 

Grand Havdala ceremony and CYP Community party



9:00 am 

Morning prayers at 770

9:30 am 

Optional tour of an authentic Matzah bakery

10:00 am 

Busses leave to the Ohel

11:00 am

An intimate encounter: visit the Rebbe’s resting place.

12:00 pm 

Closing brunch 

2:00 pm 

See you soon at the next CYP event

Encounter: Crwn Hghts

Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY

New York, NY 11213


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